What's in a name?

One of the reasons I decided to start this blog was because of the many questions I get asked. I thought it was a great way to relay information that my clients keep asking for. That brings me to this post, the most popular question I get asked.  

If you haven't guessed already by the title, it's how I came up with the name Mozzie Fox. The Fox part was simple, it is my son's middle name. He was named after Fox Mulder from the XFiles. Yes we are nerds. The name Mozzie came from a character from a tv show we were watching while we were brainstorming names. They fit together nicely, was unusual, and always starts a conversation. We love our name, to us it was a perfect combination. We also have grown to love the confusion it causes. We have been called Mozy Foxy, Moxxie Foxy, Foxy Moxxie, to name a few. While reviewing our website analytics, we discovered that Moxxie Fox was used more than Mozzie Fox when people were searching for us on Google. Lucky for us Google is smart enough to help out with that.


So if you call us by a similar name, a variation of ours, we won't correct you unless you ask. We know what you mean.  We are just happy you are here.