This can be a bit hairy.....

I have been waxing my brows and lip forever. I have even tried threading once. Anything to keep my brows from becoming one. As we age, hair seems to grow more on our chins than our brows, (those over 40 know what I am talking about) But having sensitive skin does make removing the hair an easy task. The red skin and welts that can appear shortly after waxing are not only alerting the world that you just had your brows waxed, but can also be painful. This can be a result of wax that was heated to high, very sensitive skin, medications, hormones, or any combination of those. Because wax sticks to the skin, it pulls off a layer of skin along with the hair.  

In our salon, we decided that it was a time to find a new wax. One that was gentle on the skin, and wouldn't remove a layer of the skin. But we couldn't find one. Wax, although there are many different types, still wasn't delivering what we wanted. So we left our long term relationship with wax, after starting a love affair with Nufree. Nufree has been the kind, gentle, long lasting version of our ex. That is because it's not a wax. It is soy based, so it won't stick to the skin causing the redness and bumps that we were used to expecting with wax. The result is long lasting, hair free skin. 






Laurie DeBuskComment