Summer Lovin...Had me a Blast

Who doesn't love summer! Well maybe here in sunny AZ we tolerate it for a little longer than we would like. But Summer is full of sun, swimming , and vacations. It is also full of chlorine, heat damage, and faded color. 

The best way to combat the issue is protecting the hair before you start splashing around. But when summer days are drifting away, protecting your hair has turned to healing your hair. (Can you tell I am a Grease fan?)

That is where Malibu C comes in and saves the day. They have an amazing swimmers hair treatment that will remove chlorine from your hair, and conditioning treatments that will restore your locks to their former glory. 

If your hair is color treated a fresh gloss is also invaluable to add shine and brighten or deepen your color. 

We hope you had a fantastic summer!







Laurie DeBuskComment